Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Judge: Army Can Install Nancy Grace On Rooftop For Olympics

LONDON - A High Court judge has ruled that the British army will be allowed to install U.S. talk show host Nancy Grace on the roof of an apartment building to provide security during the London Olympics later this month.

Tenants in the building had argued that the installation endangered their families.

“They talk about safety, but what about us? Putting Nancy Grace up there makes the whole building a target!" resident John Doyle said. "Who knows how many people are after her—terrorists, people who have been on her show, people who have watched her show—I wouldn't be surprised if her own mother wants to see that woman dead."

The court ruled that having the army install Ms. Grace on the building was a necessary risk authorities were allowed to take.

"We live in a very dangerous world, and we have to put our most deadly, our most lethal, our most vicious, our most poisonous feet forward in situations like this," Justice Charles Haddon-Cave said. "And Nancy Grace, well, I think the terrorists will know we mean business, don't you?"

Nancy Grace, which the army hopes to finish installing on the rooftop in the coming days, is capable of shooting down a Boeing 747 or other fixed-wing hijacked aircraft with only the toxic vapor she shoots from her nostrils.

Officials said she should be able to keep a ten-square-mile area of the city safe for the duration of the games.