Tuesday, January 28, 2014

New Song Draft: 'Blue Faces'

Just coming in the last couple of days. The chorus I am just in love with; verses are mumbled pre-shadows of what may or may not come; I hear spartan, smoky sax; bass, of course; maybe background vocals/wails/murmurs; Hammond organ? (why not!); and a much smarter lead guitar player (Jeff Stanley?).

Thank you for listening:

Chorus (I'm tuned down 1/2-step): Am - Bm - E7 - D7 - FM7 - E7 - Am - C - Dm - Am

Oh heck, I've got to include this video of Jeff (website) playing lead - taken by his brother, phtographer Peter Stanley.


Friday, January 24, 2014

Pretty Sure CNN's Twitter Account Has Been Hacked

Why do I say that?

Cuz this (click to enlargenate):

Link - which will no doubt be fixed soon - here.

Time right now: 10:04 AM Sydney time; 3:04 PM U.S. West Coast time.

Update: There were more.