Thursday, November 10, 2016

My Fellow Losers:

I can't stand sappy do-gooder posts that purport to offer an injection of hope to people feeling like they've been kicked in the gut.

So, uh, yeah - here's one now!

My fellow losers:

I'm not a woman or minority, so I won't scold or talk down to anyone with strong, emotional, giving-up reactions to yesterday's election result, but I saw something just now: "Don't mourn over the election. Find a charity and help it now."

That's good, but I've got a better idea:

Maybe all us losers could choose to not let this get us too down, and instead decide to use this loss, and to dedicate ourselves to doing something concrete that over the next four years will make our communities, our country, and our world better. Just a little something. Regularly volunteer in a local homeless shelter, become part of a community outreach program to Muslims or refugees, volunteer in women's shelters, volunteer in group homes for developmentally disabled people - anything. Lots to choose from. Do something doable. Don't give in to the "Oh, what use is this goody-goody shit?" feeling. It's of a little use - and that's better than no use. Make a small community garden with some friends, invite your politically-different neighbors over for lunch on a regular basis, get disparate groups of people together for events like outdoor concerts or frisbee barbecues ("Frisbee Barbecue" would actually make a great band name), start a shopping-for-old-people-who-need-a-little-help group. Do things that focus on bringing communities a little closer together. Eras of division like this one could use that. Let's spend the next four years winning - in spite of losing.

We could call ourselves "Losers For Winning Anyway Cuz Why the Piss Not?" (Maybe someone can improve on this. Just spitballing here.)

Let's all take this on the chin, shake it off, and say "Meh." We can do the world a good thing for four years.

I was trained six months ago or so to volunteer to teach English to recently arrived refugees in Sydney. Just one day a week, few hours of work. Our lives here got a little bumpy around that time, and I used that as an excuse to not do that somewhat challenging thing. Screw that. I'm back in. That's my start.

Important Note: All you winners are welcome to join in, too. With open arms.