Friday, March 7, 2014


Some stories, some of them among those we'd call "the best," are impossible to catch whole. You have to thrust quicker than, in mostly dark, with a stout blade and hope you strike, come back with a cut mess of bones, organ, fur, eye or teeth maybe, liquid stuff - different colors. Put it on a plate and serve it.

Saturday, March 1, 2014

One Comment on Mark Ames' Omidyar-Ukraine Story

Update I and II at end.


I can't be bothered right this second to do back story - so if you don't already know it, you won't get this post.

1. Mark Ames of Pando Daily wrote this (wild bit of speculation- and ugly innuendo-based) story.

2. Adam Colligan—who was involved in a Twitter conversation that is part of what Ames' story is based on—wrote a long reply to the piece in the article's comment section. I wanted to preserve it here.

The nut:
I think it would be advisable next time you want to pull out a statement or two to use as a jumping-off point for an elaborate claim about someone's journalistic integrity, you should take more time to put into practice your own journalistic skills and -- you know -- read what's in front of you.

The comment in its entirety, with bolded paragraph highlighting a somewhat deeper nut: