Friday, July 27, 2012

Republican WSJ Writer James Taranto Deletes Deeply Offensive Aurora Tweet: I've Got It

James Taranto is a longtime Republican columnist for the Wall Street Journal.

In the wake of the horrible tragedy that was the shooting in the Aurora, Colorado, movie theater that saw seventy people shot, twelve of them killed, we learned that at least three young men died protecting and ultimately saving the lives of their girlfriends.

That inspired Taranto to say this on his Twitter account:

It's hard to absorb the shock of a statement like that. It's like someone making a vicious, violent joke about your mother or sister. It's hard to comprehend just how depraved a mind you have to possess—particularly, how deeply you have to hate women—to even conceive thinking such a thing, much less following through with writing it down for who knows how many thousands or millions to see. And this in the still wickedly painful days of horror and loss for those three young women.

After a lot of condemnation, Taranto wrote an article at the Wall Street Journal titled, "Heroes of Aurora; a mea culpa for an errant tweet." In the article he said he meant the tweet to be "thought-provoking." There is no apology in the article.

I've just found out that Taranto has deleted the Tweet. I made a screengrab of it the day he wrote it—that's it above—thinking he might try to run from it. I'm going to let it live here, testimony to the depth of James Taranto's depravity. (Taranto has, it's fair to note, forthrightly admitted to deleting the tweet, and put it's text in the mea culpa article.)

James Taranto is a leading Republican thinker and writer in the U.S. today. I don't know what else to add to that, except that we Americans are in a very sick state right now. And it's very fucking sad.