Saturday, July 14, 2012

Little Australia Figures America Out

The reason so many good, kind, smart, and honest Americans support the Republican Party—a political party that for some years now has been neither good, kind, smart, nor honest—is because Democrats, to these good people, are something whose very existence is defined by being Worse Than Republicans. This is set in stone.

These unlikely modern supporters of Modern Republicans don't even seem to really care what Republicans do. They are always looking over Republicans' shoulders, they are always looking past Republicans. And they are always finding Democrats there. They do not see or care about what Republicans do—they can't. They can only see around, over, and past Republicans.

Democrats, to them, are shadows cast by Republicans.

There is nothing a Republican could do (Nixon?) that could be worse than what a Democrat has already done, or is doing, or will do. Democrats are Worse Than Republicans. That is what they are. It is the Democratic DNA.

Does Mitt Romney lie with the regularity of an atomic clock? Yes. But Democrats are worse.

Did Mitt Romney seek and make at least part of his enormous fortune by breaking up American companies and casting their American employees to the wind, and further hurt American workers by offshoring their jobs? Yes. But Democrats are worse.

Did Mitt Romney hide millions of dollars in overseas shelters to avoid paying U.S. taxes? Of course he did. But Democrats are worse.

Is Mitt Romney an empty, amoral, sociopath who wants to be president the way a spoiled child wants a shiny trophy? Yeah, maybe. But Democrats are worse.

And round and round the drain we go...

This has been another episode of: Little Australia Figures America Out.

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  1. I guess I should really go into the *why*.

    But I don't know.

    I think it's got something to do with the 1960s. And movies. And humiliation.