Friday, July 13, 2012

Photos: Narrabeen Outdoor Market, Northern Beaches, Sydney

We live here, in between those arrows. (The arrows look pretty at night, floating above us in the sky. Pilots hate them, though.)

Today we drove the 4-door just a few kilometers north to Narrabeen. (Narrabeen gets its name from a chicken. The chicken's name was "Narrabeen."):

We went to the Narrabeen Market, held every Friday. I brought a camera. Results:

Pretty sure this dog is part of a cult:

Australia thinks it's Europe, breadwise:

Beautiful hard sausage:

Even more beautiful hard sausage! (Being presented by the French woman who ran the saucisson.)

We saw olives...

...and more olives...

I like olives.


I bought a CD from Alex:


Summer in winter at the Narrabeen market:

And home. Eating: