Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Fossil, A Fish, and a Sign

Christine and I were strolling around the rock pools at Collaroy yesterday, beside stunning, water- and wind-carved cliffs:

Christine walked straight up to a tiny fossil:

A little research tells that pretty little plant may be a Dicroidium zuberi, a type of seed fern that died and got rock-squeezed roughly 245 million years ago. How cool is that?

I spotted a tiny fish with yellow and black stripes:

And this I found the other day, while hiking a national park nearby, caught in the rain, sore and some miles to go:

A little welcome for me, from the protectors of this big sunburnt country.


  1. Miss you, though this helps.

  2. Aw. Thank you Chess. I'm actually still making a songlist - I haven't forgotten that you've got a CD coming.

    Love to Samar from both of us...

  3. WoW you are so lucky to explore this amazing land....thank you for sharing with us folks back in Oregon.....Love the beach and the flora and fauna....
    Beautiful!!! Happy Full it full there too???? Love you both, Samar

  4. Wow thanks for coming over, Samar. I didn't know the full moon was coming, but yep, it would be full here, too. We'll have to take a full moon beach stroll tonight.

    Love to both of you,