Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Australia Day, and Kangaroo Snags

January 26, Australia Day, marks that glorious day in 1788 when the glorious "First Fleet" sailed into glorious Sydney Cove with a glorious load of stinky, wretched, and terrified prisoners. So Australia was born.

There will be festivities. There will be barbecues. There will be champagne. There will fireworks. There will be thong-throwing contests. (Not at all what it sounds like.)

I started off the festivities myself last night, with a couple kanga bangas (click on pic to enlarge):

They're sausages (snags) made with kangaroo meat. Australia: the only country where they eat their national symbol.

Happy Australia Day everybody!


  1. If I sound *actually* mocking in this post, please know that it is with nothing but the very friendliest intentions. And as I've learned, Aussies are proud of their convict past.

  2. Hey, don't knock fried eagle until you've tried it!

    How were the "Bangas"? Probably pretty damn good I'm guessing...

    It's the "Kanga Wangas" you've got to watch out for...

  3. Not great, actually, I had kangaroo steak before and loved it. This particular sausage just wasn't great.