Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year, and Prawns on the Barbie

Happy New Year, or New Year's Eve, depending on where and when you are, to everyone from Tin and I, and her friend Di from the Northern Territories, who has spent the New Years festivities with us. Cheers! We had a fantastic time walking he beach with a few thousand locals, having some discreet beverages and watching the fireworks show. All around mellow and wonderful.

Had a New Years swim - it's about 90° F - this morning, got some work done, right now listening to Penguins on a Rock (which I will be seeing shortly in Sydney), having a frosty beer, and life is good and better.

New Years beach:

And we got a barbie. And I learned that it's not "shrimp on the barbie," as Americans know it, but prawns on the barbie:

So cheers to you from all of us:


  1. Ah...this is the post I wanted this comment to be posted on: Ya look happy Tommy. Good to see. Love to you both and Happy New Year from Gene and Samarra. Got mixed up.

  2. Great pic Thom! Good to see you looking so good. love, donna