Friday, January 14, 2011

Booze in Australia

The cheapest bottle of booze I can find in Sydney costs $28 for a fifth. That's for cheap scotch. (I'm no scotch expert, but I have had tasted some of the good stuff now and then, tasted it in my mouth, my eyeballs, and suddenly three feet over the top of my head—that's when I understood the scotch thing—and this is not the "good stuff.") There's a sign for "Two cases for $80!" for a fairly normal beer at the local liquor store, although I have found cases of good beer for $32. I'm sure (I hope) I'll find better deals by a bit down the road, but good god amighty, Australia. A cheap but passable bottle of bourbon in the States costs $9. A bottle of Knob Creek costs I think $25. And a case of decent cheap beer goes for $15. $32 will get you some very good beer.

I'm going to have to talk to somebody about this…


  1. Thom, will help you out if you're looking to find places to buy some great beer.


    - Bob

  2. Thanks, Bob. (You know your CBeer shirt is my favorite shirt here...)