Thursday, October 11, 2012

Finding My Songs in YouTube Videos

I got a FaceBook message from a stranger today who wrote this:
Hey, Thom, I found your song Sigh on Muvio's podsafe music directory. I love the groove, and if you don't mind, I'd like to use it for the theme song to my independent music podcast. It's connected with Owldolatrous Press, linked here. I will happily give credit and a link to you.
For a washed-up never-has-been like myself - that's just nice.

That sent me looking on THE GOOGLE for another podcast that already uses a song of mine ("Inside Joke")—and I just found this, by the Tufu Guru. The first few seconds are weak, frankly, but this is a really well done video. And one heck of a theme song!

That actually looks like a good blog - or looks like it was: it's unfortunately been dead for more than a year. Oh well.

Someone else used it in a video of their kid. That's just funny. (Just confirmed that I saw this one years ago. Thought it looked a little familiar. Thanks, JeeklaFunk!)


Oh - found the podcast: Katye and Kyliemac. They closed up shop just a few months ago after many years and nearly 500 episodes. Well, done, K and Km, well done.


  1. Of course! Such good stuff does not go unnoticed!

  2. Very cool Thom! I love when people use my stuff for almost any reason. I recommend creating a youtube playlist like I did of all the "cover" versions or other uses of your songs. You can not only find them more easily should you want to link to them or show them to someone, it's also just fun to see them all in one place every now and then. Mine is called "Cover Me".