Thursday, December 16, 2010

My First Australian Home

Well Tin's hard work finally paid off - she's been running back and forth from apartments all over the region for weeks looking for a home for us - and we are now the proud owners of a rental agreement securing a small one-bedroom apartment in the Northern Beaches suburb of Collaroy. We move in Monday, hopefully; photos to come.

The apartment's on the second floor of a three-story building with maybe ten units total. It's on a quiet, quite pleasant seeming, one-block, dead-end road, one end of which ends on a two-mile stretch of sand on the Tasman Sea, a segment of the South Pacific Ocean, called Collaroy Beach:

Once again: Our one-block, dead-end street ends at that. I can stumble there from my bed in maybe two minutes. And there's a club on the beach with an open air deck on the beach.

What have I done?


  1. what have you done? you didn't die and go to heaven - you rejuvenated and went to australia!
    far better, i'd say!

  2. What you've done just brought the gladdest for you tears in my eyes - not since I walked with Casey in the cemetery on the way to your most beautiful day of a wedding with Christine have I had such gladness for you, dear Thom.