Friday, May 17, 2013

Dear People Shocked By Video of Solider Eating Enemy's Heart


Dear people shocked by the video circulating online of a Syrian rebel soldier apparently cutting the heart out of a dead enemy soldier and taking a bite out of it:

That's not a Syrian problem, or a Syrian rebel problem, or a Middle East problem, or a Muslim problem, or whatever else that's springing to your mind to distance yourself from this truly gruesome act. That's a war problem.

If you're Australian, American, French, British, whatever—your own soldiers have committed similar atrocities while involved in the kindness-killing business of war, and maybe even worse ones. That's simply a fact.

That's what war does. It turns otherwise decent, normal people—the kind who live right down the street—into savages. Not all of them, to be sure, but some, and even many of them.

So, take the rag away from your face, and all that, and get out the mirror. Then maybe bring on the shock and tears.

Just one dude's opinion.

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