Friday, December 14, 2012

The Titanic and Right-to-Float Laws

I have finally figured out how to explain to myself exactly what in the hell is going on with the whole "Right to Work" thing. (Background if you need it.)

Thom, I say to myself, to understand "Right to Work" laws, like the one just signed into law by Governor Snyder in Michigan, and already law in twenty-three other U.S. states, pretend you are a passenger on a modern day Titanic.

The ship has struck an iceberg. It's sunk. It's all lifeboats and people in the cold night ocean.

Small groups of first class passengers have commandeered the life rafts. They have food, water, blankets...

When lower-class passengers make desperate attempts to board a lifeboat, first class passengers smash their skulls with champagne bottles, sending them adrift, bleeding in the freezing water.

"We passed a 'Right to Float' law!" the first class passengers shout. "You've now got the right to float!," their guffaws quickly lost in the wind, in the rain.

The End

Bonus: Right-to-Work gets the Jon Stewart treatment.

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