Thursday, December 20, 2012

17 Things That I Don't The Tiniest Bit Mind Being Legally Prohibited From Owning

  1. Sarin gas
  2. Anthrax
  3. A rocket launcher
  4. An adult blue whale
  5. Cufflinks made from highly enriched uranium
  6. A smartphone app that makes bicycles and bicyclists explode remotely
  7. A nuclear submarine
  8. Israel
  9. Human slaves
  10. An exploding front lawn
  11. One metric ton of methamphetamine
  12. Any amount of methamphetamine
  13. A living person's thigh 
  14. A CD of the music my 18-year-old neighbor plays (I wish)
  15. Dolly Parton
  16. An Easter Island head (okay, I sorta do mind that one)
  17. A Bushmaster .223 semi-automatic rifle (I live in Australia)

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