Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Sperm Swim in Corkscrew Patterns

We were all little corkscrews once, trying to open the bottle...
Scientists, bless their brains, have finally tracked the paths of sperm in 3D. It's the first time they've been successful in 3D-mapping the trajectory of sperm and it's revealed a few things about those drippy critters: some sperm swim in corkscrew-like patterns and others are 'hyperactive' and hectic. Your sperm has strokes, dude.
There's even a trippy simulation video:

It's probably wrong that this made me think of this song:

Photo at top by me.

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  1. Circles and spirals are nature's favorite shapes. I was surprised on a hot air balloon ride to see that many trees grow up in a spiral pattern that you can only really see from above.