Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Southern Oregon Music

Here's a not exactly blisteringly compelling little video about a performance venue near my old home of Ashland, Oregon. It's been going for the last two years - they started right after I left, herm. Several old freinds featured. (Hi Gene, Jef, Sage!)


It's a side stage at the Britt Festivals - truly one of the great music venues on earth. (Saw Mark Knopfler from the grass in front of the stage, fifteen feet from us, picnic basket, wine...oy.)

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  1. They're going to expand this Table Rock City Stage quite a bit for next year...I think it will be kind of a mini-ampitheater capable of having concerts on it's own independent of the Main Stage...not sure about the details but it will be expanded significantly. This is just a great I said in the soon as they built this thing and started booking local talent, all the musicians on fb were buzzing about their Britt gigs and talking the place up. Musicians talk and when we're snubbed, guess what we talk about? And when we're treated well, guess what we talk about? This is one venue that's really stepped up and supported local music. They've treated me very well and very professionally every step of the way. They also gave me the best gig of my life so even if they never hire me again, I'm all love for The Britt!