Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Obama on Akin's Horrible Rape Comments

"Rape is rape," Obama said. "The idea that we should be parsing, and qualifying, and slicing what types of rape we're talking about, doesn't make sense to the American people."
Obama added that Akin's remarks are further evidence of why it doesn't make sense for legislators, "most of whom are men," to make decisions regarding women's health.

That is really, really good. Except that Akin's position IS the position of many, many Republicans, including Paul Ryan.

Akin "clarified" his remarks by saying he meant "forcible" rape, rather than "legitimate" rape - which is just as wrong, and just as horrible. (The inference here is that, in addition to sick inference that a rape isn't a rape if it results in a pregnancy, a rape isn't a rape if the victim doesn't fight enough - or something - as if especially young women could not be frightened or threatened into submission. But again - why are these bastards even beginning to go there? Why are they looking for outs for rapists and blame for victims? Because theyr'e horrible broken people? Yes!)

But this is ultimately good - because it shines a light on Paul Ryan:
Paul Ryan also co-sponsored HR 3, the "No Taxpayer Funding for Abortion" bill in which Republicans tried to redefine rape so that it only applied to "forcible" rape so those fake rape victims would stop exploiting loopholes to cash in on fabulous gifts and prizes. Republicans pulled that part out of the bill so everyone would stop criticizing them, and then they tried to sneak it back in anyway.
These are broken, horrible, psychotic people.

Update: My friend Gene says it is wrong to use the term "psychotic," as psychosis is a mental illness...bad name for people actually suffering this illness...etc. Point (and joke) taken.

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