Friday, June 1, 2012

Jeff Stanley Kicks Ass on "Tidings Cafe"

Gah gah gah, I miss my friend Jeff. This is just such a beautiful - and beautifully honest - song. When he hits that high note - damn.


  1. I miss him too and will be back in Oregon in two weeks to soak in my big brother time! Thanks for posting this.

  2. You bet, Pete! Hope to see you someday too.

  3. Your buddy is doing great up here Thom. Playing in several bands, doing solo gigs...just saw him play last night at an art gallery during First Friday in Ashland...he's made a big and great contribution to my favorite Ashland band The Stamps (Robbie Lindauer & Co.)...I sit in with them sometimes...Jeff is such a humble and awesome soloist...always puts the song first...utterly "wankless"...feels right into my tunes and always plays something different and tasty each time. My kinda playa. GB