Saturday, January 28, 2012

President Obama Needs to Sing One of My Songs

We should start a movement or something.
A day after President Obama sang a bit of Al Green's classic "Let's Stay Together" from the podium at a January 19th fundraising event in Harlem, videos of the crooner-in-chief went viral on YouTube, racking up millions of views. But it wasn't just Obama's version of the song that the web's music fans sought out: according to Nielsen (via Billboard), digital download sales for Green's version of the song jumped up 490% in the period ending on January 22nd.
With 16,000 downloads, the song had its most successful online sales week since Nielsen began keeping track of web transactions in 2003. It's good news for Green's wallet, just as the President's cover was music to his ears.
I'm thinking "Relish."

Obama would nail that song...