Friday, February 4, 2011

Post Cyclone Yasi News has a very good rundown, town by town. Just a few:

Copped the worst of the cyclone as winds of 290km/h belted the town before it was inundated by a 5m storm surge. Up to 210 homes damaged. The town was isolated as fallen trees and debris blocked the road and cut off both sides of the highway.

No treated water or power. Shops in Herbert St sustained damage from wind gusts and the Herbert River peaked at 12m. Cut off as the Bruce Highway is closed by flooding on both sides.

The CBD was inundated by tidal surge. Waves up to 9.5m were recorded at The Strand. Power cut to 85,000 homes. Residents told to boil water after water treatment plan sustained damage.

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  1. I believe there was a Cyclone Yanni back in the 1990's. It was huge, but the only damage it caused was thousands of people bored out of their minds...