Sunday, February 20, 2011

America in Australia

So I'm on the bus in Sydney the other day and America's "Sister Golden Hair Surprise"—which is not my drag name—is playing. Next song: Billy Joel's "You May Be Right." On the TV I can watch Rosanne, Golden Girls, Everybody Hates Raymond, Diagnosis: Murder, House, Sh*t My Dad Says (which I thought was a show about a guy who's father says "shit" a lot)… Colonel Sanders is a god here. McDonald's - of course it's here. (Burger King too, but they're disguised as Hungry Jack's.) Jack Daniels is considered cool. I got a jar of "Newman's Own" spaghetti sauce in the supermarket the other day.

There are times I wonder where I moved to when I left America. America's younger cousin, sometimes it feels, with stranger animals. Australians will hate that, of course, the way Americans would hate some fer-ner coming to their country and saying it seemed like a younger cousin of Sweden, or something. (Which it is!)

I'll be writing more about this as the months pass. I've got a lot to learn about Australia, obviously.

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  1. I could post a rather nasty comment about how America has insinuated itself into every country in the world. Economic bargaining which equals US bullying.But I will refrain Thom, and won't say anything.