Tuesday, September 24, 2013

We Need a National DNA META-Database

Proposal: We should immediately begin collecting DNA samples from every single American citizen. We should use those samples to produce DNA identification profiles, and those profiles should be kept in a secure database indefinitely. A National DNA META-database. There wouldn't be any names or any other personal information attached to the profiles...unless we needed it. 

Legal Justicfication: People voluntarily allow bits of their DNA to be spread outside of their bodies and into the wider, public world - via a third party - every single day. DNA is therefore and obviously not private, as concerns constitutional protections of privacy. This is supported by long establised law.

Important Notes:

• It's just metadata!

• Haystack!

• Terror! (Extra Editor's Note: "Terror" does require a link. Terror is the link.)

• Just think how interesting a DNA META-database would make the "three-hop" system!


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