Monday, August 12, 2013

Eating With Little Australia: Tuna Fish Sandwich

Plain old tuna fish sandwich?


Tuna with pickled onion and crushed walnuts on Turkish bread roasted sandwich?


Ingredients: Turkish bread, one can tuna, mayonnaise, pepper, pickled onions, walnuts, cheese of your choosing (we had a dry, crumbly cheese).

Don't be afraid of the walnuts. They go really well with tuna. You don't need tons of pickled onion—but it doesn't hurt. Plenty of pepper, too.

Turkish bread is the bomb, people.

DO NOT overpower with cheese. Just a light covering.

It's like a disco in here!

Very Important Step: mix extra tuna, pickled onion, and walnuts and eat with a spoon.

After a little while put in the top piece of toast. Put a little mayo on it.

Toast until toasted.

Add chips, eat next to coffee table display of seahsells, driftwood, and shark egg. For the irony.

This has been another episode of "Eating With Little Australia." You are welcome.

Remember: Your tastebuds aren't armed guards protecting your stubborn ideas about food—they're plucky little infants wanting to explore and taste the world! Yes, there are risks involved. And?


  1. That is awesome. You should have a cooking show. Did you ever do a "Bachelor's Salad"? That's where you stand over the sink with a head of lettuce in one hand and a bottle of dressing in the other. Pour, munch, repeat. Miss you bro'. GB

    1. HAAAA - never have done that. But I've done plenty close.

      Thanks Gene. And you too, mucho.