Sunday, July 14, 2013

RIP, Tunch

I have never met this cat, or his owner, John Cole, blog master of the very good Balloon Juice, but it was an awful kick in the gut when I read about his very unfortunate passing this morning. This just sucks.

We kidded John about Tunch:

...but we all of course grew to love that good kitty over the years.

So sorry, John. And thoughts to your sister, and your brother, who both must be devastated in their own very painful ways. Too sorry.

Here's a link to John's "Cat Blogging" tag, where you can read hundreds of hilarious and tender Tunch posts (example), along with maybe even more cat rescue posts, as BJ is an animal rescue internet haven. (Please see the note at the end of the sad Tunch post.)

Too sad.

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