Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Michelle Shocked on Piers Morgan Tonight at 9? [update]

Don't get your hopes up (if you had any). (She showed! See below.)

Michelle Shocked tour meltdown history:

And holy crap, she showed up at her cancelled Santa Cruz gig on Thursday:
“And suddenly she’s coming in the side door, and she’s on stage,” said Vnes. Shocked was wearing a thin white cover-all suit with a head covering, tape over her mouth and sunglasses. “She was waving this tablet around and she wanted to communicate. You could tell she was kind of frustrated.”
Vnes, Moe’s owner Bill Welch and co-producer Michael Horne of Pulse Productions were discussing how they might respond if Shocked showed when she quietly walked in the side.
There's some video of her outside the club:

She is obviously determined to drag this out, isn't she? (And thank you anonymous commenter, for those links.)

Update: Looks like she's there.

• Well, that was weird. She blames her outburst on the fact that the audience asked for "reality." It's worth noting that Shocked appears to have redefined the word "reality" (follow this, if you can) - and blames the audience for not knowing this. Or something.

Video when available. (Got it - new post.)

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  1. Missed this a couple of weeks ago . . . Shocked showed up at her canceled Portland, Oregon venue to stage another protest on April 26.