Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Michelle Shocked, Page II: God Hates MS's Tour

Update: Michelle Shocked has issued a statment. (Thursday, Australia)

That first post is getting cluttered.

Here's where we stand:

13 14 venues have now confirmed cancellations of Michelle Shocked shows.

• MS has ZERO shows scheduled through June. (Per her website.)

• She has ONE show scheduled in July, the Burg Herzberg Festival in Beitback am Herzberg, Germany, on July 19. They've emailed me and said they were trying to get in touch with MS - and that if they didn't hear the right things they'd cancel within 24 hours. (That was 12 hours or so ago.)

• Other than that MS has just TWO shows confirmed for the entire rest of the year. (She has many more dates listed, but all of them are listed as "tentative.")

• Pete Lawrence, who recorded "The Texas Campfire Tapes," which launched MS's career, has left a message on the first post. It is worth reading.

MS has posted several tweets in the last handful of hours. Some seeming to take back what she said, some cryptic, some frankly just making this worse.

This exchange is the most interesting:

That's the part that really gets me. If she says she's born again and now believes that gay marriage is wrong, well - whatever. See ya later. When she adds, "You can go on twitter and say Michelle Shocked said god hates fags" - she doesn't get to write that off to irony. Not at a San Francisco gig, where she's already purposely riled the crowd up with anti-gay marriage comments. It's just ugly, and cruel.

And then she tops it off:

Just awful. Depressingly awful.

And my better five-eighths' thoughts: Maybe the church she's involved with has egged her on with this. To use her celebrity to spread their intolerant beliefs. Hadn't thought of that. (She also noted that MS has shot her tour for her manager, her roadies, her techs, her merchandise people, for the people who own and work at the venues. She has sadly screwed a bunch of people here - not just herself.)


  1. Ah Thom, Christianity has bumfuzzled sturdier intellects than Michelle's.

    Since thankfully I do not spend any time listening to her thoughts or otherwise living in her head, I will not judge her. When I read what she said I felt sad for her.

    Hers must be a very lonely world.

  2. Not just Christianity. In fact not just any one thing, I think. More about 100% hooklinesinker belief. Long live doubt!

    And lonely in some ways, perhaps, but she's part of an enormous church, and I'm sure she considers herself surrounded by like minds.

  3. Her backpedaling has started

    1. Nah. She posted those tweets yesterday. I didnt' choose them, but they're about the same as some I posted. And the "faggots" not "fags" came AFTER the ones in USA Today, pretty sure.

  4. Wow. Johnston still doesn't get it. Her statement is all defiance with a meager apology tacked on. And it doesn't square with the eyewitness reports -- clearly she's trying to rewrite the history of Sunday night. Even if what she says about her intentions and stances is true, no venue should touch a performer who so defiantly misreads and alienates her audience.

    1. BTW, I'm responding to her statement emailed a few hours ago, not the USA Today story.

    2. It doesn't. I've written my thoughts on it on the statemt page.