Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Tiny Dragon in My Wine Glass

I left a glass with a tiny bit of wine on the veranda table two nights ago, yesterday morning waking to this:

That is a beautiful little creature.

Update: It looks to be a type of mantis fly. Order Neuroptera. More here.


  1. Agreed...I wonder what type of insect it is...

  2. I just don't know. It's got mantis-like arms.

  3. It sure looks like a praying mantis to me, almost certain that's what it is. You usually don't see them with unfolded wings. Also, it's almost certainly a male which are smaller, and almost certainly, he died feeling no pain as he was probably smashed out of his mind. ;~)

    1. Nope. It doesn't have teh wing cases that mantis's have. It's a mantid or mantis fly.