Thursday, March 15, 2012

The Contraception Grift

Imagine you are rottenly and terminally sick with cancer. And someone comes up with a cure - a 100% cure - for your particular kind of cancer. It's made from pig pancreases. (Not as far-fetched as some might initially think: until the 1980s insulin was made from the pancreases of pigs, and many medicines are still made from pigs.)

The medicine, like so many medicines, is very, very expensive. But you work for, and have health insurance through, a Jewish-owned company. And they refuse to cover the medicine that will save your life, because its against the Jewish religion to have anything to do with pigs - even though you're not Jewish.

That's an illustration of what's really going on in the U.S. contraception boondoggle, although the people behind it desperately do not want people to look at like this. They want you to think it's about the poor suffering Catholic Church, and how the government is oppressing them. It's not. It's about your rights as an employee, just for starters, and the Catholic Church's, and all religious organizations', duty to be fair and decent players when they engage in society outside their religion.

This is nothing less than political grifting for uninformed voters, with truly ugly potential side-effects. It is truly abhorrent behavior.

Update: From February, solid proof that this is complete and utter and dangerous bullshit.

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