Saturday, December 17, 2011

Explosion at Canberra Food Court? [updates]

Jus saw this, unsourced, on Twitter.
Theres been an explosion at the food court at Belconnen Mall in Canberra
Update: News story here:
A man has be taken to hospital after suffering burns and fragment injuries in an explosion at a shopping mall in Canberra that also left another man with superficial facial injuries.
Update 2: I asked Twitter user if he was there:
No, some friends of mine are. The word is a bomb went off near Donut King. Waiting to hear confirmation of what happened.
More here. Big news orgs are getting this now:
Some witnesses speculated the incident was the result of a gas bottle detonating, while others blamed a “homemade confetti bomb”.
Update, December 18: Looks to have been an accident.

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