Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Sydney to Hobart, Day 7: Off From Eden Tomorrow

November 23: After four full nights at anchor or on the jetty here in Eden, NSW, the winds in the Bass Strait are finally shifting, spinning from the southwest to the northwest—"She'll be right up your ass"—so tomorrow afternoon we'll be setting off south on the second and larger (in many ways) leg of the great Sydney to Hobart Sail 2011. Hoping for four to five days, three or so of them will be out of contact.

Back out to where the albatross goes...

I hear you smiling, baby...


  1. You might be feeling that invigorating mixture of fear and joy before setting off. I had the same feeling camping alongside the middle fork of the salmon river in ID the night before we put in for a 7 day trip thru wilderness. no rescue (no roads) in a deep gorge, unusually intense whitewater, spectacular beauty. I would do it again in a second, but I did have thoughts that I would not make it the night before. These memories last a lifetime. Lucky guy. don