Saturday, September 24, 2011

Defunct U.S. Satellite: 11 AM Sydney-Time [updated]

The latest projections have the UARS satellite contacting the earth's atmosphere around 11 AM Sydney time - and there still remains a chance that some of the doomed spacecraft will made make landfall in Australia.

For me, this falls under the "Tornado Rule.": I want to see the damn thing! But I don't want anyone to get hurt, of course...

Here's a Twitter feed with constant updates.

Here's NASA's UARS site.

Update: Live satellite tracker:

Watch live streaming video from spaceflightnowmobile at

Update 12:47 PM Sydney: Oh hell yes. Projected to enter atmosphere in this neck of the woods.


  1. When we lived in Iowa, whenever there was a tornado warning, we would run up this little deck porch thing on the second floor of our house to see what we could see. No twisters but we did see some absolutely amazing clouds and storms. I have the same feeling Thom. I wanna see it but I don't wanna get killed or hurt and I don't want anyone else killed or hurt. Not that what I want has any effect on a tornado but that's what I wanted nevertheless. Best of luck down there mate!!! GB

  2. When I was staying with my sister Nancy in Elizabeth, Colorado, southeast of denver, up at 7,000 feet but in high rolling prairie, you could see three or four huge storm systems at once. Absolutely amazing,