Friday, August 19, 2011

American With Terminal Bone Cancer Has Yard Sale Shut Down

A yard sale she was having to help pay her medical bills:

A woman fighting a terminal form of bone cancer is trying to raise money to help pay bills with a few weekend garage sales, but the city of Salem says she’s breaking the law and is shutting her down.

Jan Cline had no idea, but the city of Salem has a clear law that states a person can only have three yard sales a year.


“We make such an effort of making it back here (backyard) so that it’s not goobering up the neighborhood, so it’s not like a garage sale all laid out day after day after day,” she says.

Terminal bone cancer. She can't work. And she has to have yard sales to pay her medical bills. Ai yai yai.

The video is a bit tough to watch at the end:


  1. Once again the letter of the law trumps the spirit of the law...I hope they can just make an exception for her...and she should get some kind of special award for coming up with the marvelous expression "goobering up the neighborhood".

  2. Yeah. I loved that. But we don't need an exception, we need a national health care system like Canada's or Australia's.