Friday, June 24, 2011

Good Tasmanian Devil News

I've blogged about the Tasmanian Devil face cancer epidemic—it's communicable!—before. Well, today, some good news:

Efforts to save the Tasmanian Devil have received a boost, with the first joeys arriving in an insurance population of the species at a Hunter Valley property.
A year ago 50 devils were released in a free-range enclosure at a property owned by media mogul James Packer, as part of a plan to produce a thousand disease-free devils by 2021.
The Devil Ark program is run by the Australian Reptile Park and spokeswoman Liz Vella says the ambitious plan is paying off.
"We have got several mums with babies," she said. 
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  1. Do you listen to Radiolab? If not, you should. I ask, because they had a portion of an episode about the Tazmanian Devil's face cancer in this episode:

    They're all great, but if you some reason I think you would find the parasite episode (one of my faves) particilarly fascinating:

  2. I don't but I will now, Bob. Thanks much.