Tuesday, March 22, 2011

How to Barbecue Cockatoo

Shrimps on the barbie is for wusses

Since the invasion of the cockatoos—just two posts below this one—we've had at least one cockatoo visit us every day. Yesterday one came and stayed for half an hour or so. It had a distinctive orange mark on the left side of its neck:

We call him/her Rusty. I put out a plastic container with some wild bird seed in it, which I thought Rusty would eat from. No. Rusty promptly picked the container up in one of his nimble little feet, spilling most of the seeds, and held it up to his mouth while he casually picked at what remained. Video (during which I forget how to talk):

Rusty came back this morning. Today he flew away with the container and dropped it in the neighbor's driveway.

More shots, and a few damn fine ones, if I do say so myself, follow.

Cockatoos and frangipani flowers go together quite nicely, don't they?

A little closer:

And this one (click on photo to enlarge, and click again to get really close) lets you really see the grains of the feathers:

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